KUTLWANO SOLUTIONS has unique differentiators that will enable us to help you solve your problem faster, better and cheaper than in-house staff or competing consulting firms.

Why pay for consulting services? Consultants are an important part of good corporate governance of any organization because they can provide an objective point of view and offer expertise that is difficult to retain in-house. KUTLWANO SOLUTIONS consultants have specialized expertise in project, program and portfolio management of software intensive systems. This expertise is valuable not only to the CIO organization but to the entire enterprise, as many difficult management problems are at least in part caused by IT projects that do not meet the needs of stakeholders and/or were delivered late and over budget.

We help you estimate the cost, time, and effort required to satisfy a given set of system requirements and determine the best strategy for designing and implementing your software or systems project. In addition to software cost estimation, this powerful systems and software project estimation tool provides a high level of configurability to accommodate the different design processes being used by developers today: such as Agile development, package implementation, hardware, call centre development, infrastructure, model-based development, engineering and architecture design, service-oriented architecture, SAP, Oracle, and more.

Read more about our services, listed below.

Experience in service.

KUTLWANO SOLUTIONS has experience working with numerous clients consulting and engagements. Our experience spans many application domains (e.g. IT, engineering, real-time), industry sectors (finance, telecom, medical, aerospace, defence, etc.), technologies and methods (object-oriented, COTS/ERP, RAD, iterative, agile etc.) and geographic locations across the globe. Our years in experience allow us to understand your business challenges quickly and identify an effective solution.

Industry Leading Tools.

KUTLWANO SOLUTIONS consultants begin each engagement equipped with the proven project estimation, project tracking, and performance benchmarking tools and methods. KUTLWANO SOLUTIONS has invested in research and development in these tools which enable us to deliver your solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Acquisition and Program Management

We can assist you with every step of the project management process to include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing. We initiate, plan, monitor, control and close to help you manage multiple projects on the program and portfolio level.

High Performance Benchmark Service

We use our tools to compare your projects with similar projects in our benchmark database. We also provide process improvement recommendations to help you improve productivity and other core metrics.

Independent Bid Assessment / Alternatives Analysis

We use our tools to perform an independent estimate and compare various solution alternatives based on your business and technical requirements.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

An extension of our project health check services; we perform a detailed, independent review of the project throughout the lifecycle. This includes inspections of planning, requirements and design documents, source code inspections, and independent testing and reliability modelling.

Project Health Check and Forecasting

We use tools to compare planned vs. actual metrics and run a forecast to complete. We can often provide an early warning that a project is at risk of meeting its cost, schedule and/or quality goals and provide recommended corrective action.

API Programming

Our license includes some basic API support, but we are occasionally asked by clients to assist in building more complex interfaces to other systems such as requirements, defect tracking and timekeeping systems.